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Latest releases

I Remember Everything
(in the style of Zach Bryan, Kacey Musgraves)

2024, C, Country, Female, Male, Var

(in the style of Noah Kahan & Sam Fender)

170, 2024, F#m, Male, Pop

Can't Get Enough
(in the style of Jennifer Lopez)

100, 2024, Female, Gm, Pop

Forever (Stay Like This)
(in the style of Armin van Buuren, Goodboys)

124, 2024, Dance, Dm, House, Male, Pop

Beautiful People (Stay High)
(in the style of The Black Keys)

2024, 95, Blues, D, Male, Rock

(in the style of Stephen Sanchez)

176, 2024, Crooner, F#m, Male, Pop, SOUL

(in the style of Bring Me The Horizon)

, 2024, Male, Rock

The Drum
(in the style of Alan Walker)

128, 2023, Dance, Ebm, Female, Pop

(in the style of Lil Naz X)

150, 2024, A, Male, Pop, Rap

No Man's Land
(in the style of Marshmello, venbee)

168, 2024, Dance, E, Female, Pop

(in the style of Olivia Dean)

180, 2024, C, Female, SOUL

yes, and?
(in the style of Ariana Grande)

119, 2024, Ebm, Female, Pop

Let It Burn
(in the style of Shaboozey)

119, 2024, Country, Gm, Male, SOUL

(in the style of Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Baby)

, 2024, Male, Rap

Lose Control
(in the style of Teddy Swims)

160, 2024, F#m, Male, SOUL

(in the style of Melanie Martinez)

2024, 90, Female, G#m, Pop

Wasted Youth
(in the style of goddard., Cat Burns)

174, 2024, Am, Dance, Drum & Bass, Female

Satellite (Acoustic Version)
(in the style of Harry Styles)

139, 2023, Acoustic, F#, Female, Pop

Rescued (Acoustic Version)
(in the style of Foo Fighters)

2023, Acoustic, E, Female, Pop, Var

Mourning (Acoustic Version)
(in the style of Post Malone)

148, 2023, Acoustic, Bb, Female, Pop

*Disclaimer: The name of the original artist is shown for reference only. Songs listed are cover version sound recordings and are not performed by the original artist.